Why Getting Ready Photos are important

Secret revealed

As an experienced wedding photographer I highly recommend to include a Getting Ready photo shooting in you photography package (it usually takes one hour for a Bride photo shoot and another hour for a Groom photo shoot).

Why Getting Ready Photos on your Wedding Day are so Important:

First, there is nothing like anticipation on a wedding day! Your nerves at the beginning of the day are at their highest.
The excitement is palpable. The emotion is raw.

So many unexpected moments happen before the guests even arrive!

Many couples choose not to be with or see each other at the beginning of the day.
So when they see their getting ready photos for the first time, they really experience
what was going down on the other side of the church before their I Do’s!

Your hair and makeup are flawless at the beginning of the day. Your flowers are at their beautiful peek.
Your dress has just come out of it’s bag for the first time since your final fitting.
Everything is perfectly perfect right now.

In a lot of instances your bridesmaids and groomsmen are your closest friends and family.
Your Mom will probably be there, helping you get ready!
And you might even be able to do a “first look” with your Dad…

When is the last time you all got to hang out together, getting pampered?
Or acting goofy?! When will you ever have these same people in one room with you again?!

It really is up to you as a couple to decide what photos are most important to you.
I’m there to capture whatever they may be!

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